Inside Diamond - Public Open Days

Mar 29.

Inside Diamond - Public Open Days

An opportunity to see the inside of the Diamond Synchrotron and to learn about the science that takes place here.

Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

Event Details

The open day will feature stalls and activities, a short introduction to Diamond and a tour of the machine. We expect a visit will last around two and a half hours – so please wear comfy shoes! There are several sessions per day, so please select your choice within the booking system.


Due to the size of the facility, during the guided tour there will be extensive walking involved, we advise all visitors to wear comfortable footwear.
Due to the nature of the facility we do not admit visitors under the age of 5, and we recommend that the visit is most suitable for children age 10+

We have very few restrictions due to health or mobility issues, although we ask you to tell us of any special requirements during registration so we can ensure suitable tour routes are available. 

Making a Booking

The next open day on 29th March is now fully booked.

There will be further open days in June and August 2014. Booking for open days opens 6-8 weeks in advance of the event.

To recieve notification when booking opens please e-mail the Diamond Communications team at